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Piedrafina Care & Maintenance

January 6, 2014


Maintaining Piedrafina Marble Surfaces is easily achieved. You will need to follow some simple care and maintenance steps and take some general precautions. By following the recommendation, you will enjoy your Piedrafina Marble Surfaces for years to come.


For routine cleaning utilize a damp cloth or paper towel.

For more difficult stains a small amount of mild soap can be utilized.

For the most stubborn stains you can incorporate a neutral pH cleaner and a non-abrasive scrub pad.

Be certain to rinse all areas thoroughly when applying any type of cleaning agent.

Although Piedrafina Marble has low liquid absorption, it is advisable to seal the product on an annual basis. It is recommended to utilize a marble sealer while carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.


 Be cautious when exposing your marble surface to any chemicals or solutions.

Many commonly used household cleaning products may have negative effects on the marble surfacing.

Never expose Piedrafina Marble Surfaces to any chemicals that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride such as paint removers and furniture strippers.

When choosing a cleaning agent, it is never recommended to utilize any product that contains high acidity (low pH) or high alkaline (high pH). It is recommended to utilize a neutral pH cleaner.

If accidental exposure to any damaging products should occur, thoroughly rinse the affected area with water as soon as possible.


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