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Care & Maintenance

Stainless Steel Sink Care & Maintenance

Stainless Steel Sink Care & Maintenance

General Care & Cleaning
After every use, rinse thoroughly, then wipe the sink dry with a clean soft cloth. Wiping is key; this will inhibit water spotting and mineral deposits in severe hard water conditions. BLANCOCLEAN, BAR KEEPERS FRIEND, SOFT SCRUB WITH CLEAN, ZUD, FLITZ, GORDON’S MIRACLE SHINE, and/or SHINEY SINKS PLIS (follow the directions on the product) are products available in hardware and grocery stores that can be used every day to protect, polish and clean your stainless steel sink.

What Not To Do
Do not use any abrasive cleaners such as scrub pads or Steel wool, as these products will dull and tarnish the finish. Don’t let household cleaning agents, such as bleach, sit in your sink for a long period of time as this may ruin the finish of your sink.

Surface Rust & Stains
Stainless steel does not rust. If something external has caused rust on the surface, GORDON’S MIRACLE SHINEZUD, FLITZ & BAR KEEPERS FRIEND are all effective at removing “surface” residue such as: tarnish, rust, lime deposits & hard water stains. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Scratches are inevitable in any sink material, including stainless steel. Over time, these scratches will become uniform with the sink’s grain. It is recommended to purchase a custom sink grid to protect against scratches. In regards to stainless steel, most minor scratches can be softened with a Scotch Brite (soft scour) pad, accompanied with a deep cleansing such as BAR KEEPERS FRIEND, COMECT, ETC, wet pad, apply cleansing agent, rub with the ‘grain’ or finish of the sink (NOTE: DO NOT JUST RUB AGAIN THE GRAIN OR IN ONE AREA, THIS MAY DULL THE FINISH. YOU MUST RUB ACROSS THE ENTIRE SURFACE,) then rinse thoroughly. For severe scratches, secure a pumice rubbing compound from a hardware store, and follow the direction on the package. Note: Once the sink’s finish has been restored to your satisfaction, BLANCO recommend the purchase of a customized sink grid to protect the bowl’s bottom.

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