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Shower Door Maintenance

Shower Door Care & Maintenance

Keep Your Glass & Shower Enclosure Looking Like New

When you purchase the best quality products, it is essential to take proper care of them so that they last longer, maintain their good looks, and function for years. This is true for all glass products. Keeping glass clean and sparkling makes a home or office instantly cleaner and fresher. From the glass on coffee tables to shower glass and mirrors, you can keep all of these glass products shimmering with very little effort. Read Glass Cleaner Labels Closely.

You can find a wide range of glass cleaners in the market to help you with your glass and shower care needs. Care is needed when choosing glass and shower care cleaners as low quality cleaners can damage the metal finish and even leave scratches on the surface of glass. Some of the products you should avoid during glass and shower care include vinegar or vinegar based products, powders or liquids that are abrasive, cleaners that are bleach-based, and steel or teflon pads. The use of BEMA (The Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association) tested cleaners is recommended to get the best results while cleaning glass or shower.

Give Your Shower Glass Daily Attention

A shower is something that is used every day and therefore should receive daily care. Daily shower glass care will ensure that your bathroom shower enclosure stays sparkling clean and remains in excellent condition. Clean the shower enclosure glass after each use to remove the soap and shampoo residue as well as mineral build up and water stains. A rubber squeegee is a great tool for cleaning the soap scum and water stains from shower glass. If you wipe the glass regularly, it will also help in reducing the mineral build up and water stains and make caring for the shower glass easy.

Mirror Cleaning Made Easy

Choose a glass cleaner with low ammonia content and more water to keep mirrors from fogging up. Spray the glass cleaner onto the mirror and use paper towels or old newspapers (black and white) to wipe the mirror clean. Using rags instead of paper can leave lint-like debris on the mirror while paper towels and newspapers take everything off, leaving your mirror clear and clean. Wipe in circles to reduce streaks until the mirror is dry. All your mirrors will be filled with smiles instead of spots with this simple cleaning method.

Enjoy More Time, Less Cleaning

If you’re tired of scrubbing and squeegeeing your shower doors and shower enclosure, get the advantage of glass coating cleaners such as Rain-X and Tekon. These great products deliver strength cleaning for glass and mirrors, leaving a streak-free, spot resistant clean shine on glass shower doors, shower enclosures, windows, windshields, glass tables, and mirrors. 

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